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Paradigm Vendo™ Webinar Reveals Keys to a Successful Customer Experience

Digital quoting technology and presentation tools can help home remodeling contractors create an ideal selling experience for their customers.

Published: 12/01/2022

By: Paradigm

A recent webinar hosted by Paradigm Vendo and Ingage shows how a personalized digital experience drives customer satisfaction and closes more deals. Watch the webinar for a full presentation.

A digital experience for contractor sales increases customer satisfaction and helps to close more, and bigger deals.

A little self-examination may be in order for the home improvement industry – especially if you’re a contractor or dealer who sells windows, doors, siding, and similar home upgrades to homeowners. That’s a glimpse of some tough love Tim Musch, a home renovation industry expert, laid down at a recent webinar hosted by Paradigm Vendo and Ingage.

Musch, who is also a Business Development Specialist for Paradigm, along with Pam Torrey, Marketing Director for Ingage, a leading sales-engagement software provider, co-hosted “Five Elements Today’s Home Improvement Buyers Demand in Your Sales Presentations.”

Watch the webinar.

More than 50 home improvement representatives logged onto the webinar for a deep dive into what today’s home improvement buyers are demanding and how contractors can create stellar customer satisfaction and close more sales. Here are some highlights of what they saw and heard:

According to the Consumer Federation of America, home improvement contractors alarmingly rank third among the top 10 complaint categories cited by homeowners. A Customer Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power suggests some reasons why, noting that home improvements are often a large, stressful investment, and it’s difficult to sort through the brands and options when choosing a home improvement contractor.

The good news, according to the Satisfaction Study, is that personalizing the selling experience drives customer satisfaction. An engaging sales environment that clarifies options, educates customers and sets realistic expectations are the keys. “Customers will be willing to invest more when they have this type of experience,” according to the study.

Musch and Torrey agree with the J.D. Power assessment, and they say a digital quoting technology like Paradigm Vendo, integrated with Ingage presentation software, are the keys to creating that ideal selling experience. For example:

  • Customers expect technology. The days of paper forms and winging it are gone.
  • Digital quoting and selling creates a more professional experience and separates you from competitors.
  • Paradigm Vendo helps salespeople follow a consistent process that eliminates mistakes and gets results.
  • Digital selling allows for the flexibility to present and quote in the home or conduct remote visits.
  • Paradigm Vendo helps create a customized selling experiences that builds homeowner confidence and helps close more sales.

The sales experience often sets the tone for long-term customer satisfaction, and a satisfied customer is the best business strategy. To learn more about what today’s home improvement buyers expect and how Paradigm Vendo digital quoting and selling technology wows customers, watch our webinar.

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